Past Activities

Some of the things I have previously been involved in:

As well as some non-mathematical things:

  • EuroPython 2021,

  • PyCon US 2021,

  • PyCon UK 2017,

  • Cloud OnAir,

  • UK Manycore Developer Conference,

  • Scaling to Petascale Institute 2017,

  • XSEDE HPC Big Data Workshop,

  • GPU Programming Using OpenACC, and

  • Core Algorithms for High Performance Scientific Computing.

I have also given talks at: University of Glasgow; University of Wisconsin–Madison; Eastern Illinois University; Brown University; University of Toronto; Oklahoma State University; University of California, Santa Barbra; University of California, Davis; Mathematical Sciences Research Institute; Temple University; City University of New York; CIAS Paris; University of Illinois at Chicago; Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton; Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis; Nihon University; Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach; Indiana University; University of Illinois; The University of Sheffield; University of Queensland; University of Sydney; ICERM; Toulouse Mathematics Institute; University of Cambridge; University of Bristol; Imperial College London; University of Warwick; and University of Southampton.